President/CEO Siobhan “Sam” Bennett Announces New Name and Look for WCF Foundation

Posted by Naomi Rothwell on September 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM



September 21, 2011

CONTACT: Erin Loos Cutraro



(Washington, DC)— Citing the lack of progress being made to advance more women in public leadership and recent backslides in the number of women serving in Congress and state legislatures, President/CEO Siobhan “Sam” Bennett announced this morning that WCF Foundation is changing its name to She Should Run. She Should Run is also unveiling a new look, designed in partnership with MTV, to reflect its change of name. Siobhan “Sam” Bennett states:

“I’m honored to announce that WCF Foundation is unveiling our new name, She Should Run. In light of the first backslide of women in Congress in 30 years and the disturbing decrease in the number of women in state legislatures, we recognize that drastic action is required to get more women in leadership positions. What has been done in the past few decades to increase women’s representation is no longer working. We take this so seriously that we are changing our name and honing our focus on the root cause that is keeping us here—the fact that women do not run for office.

Research has shown that a major reason women do not run for office is because they are not asked to run—and because they are discouraged by media sexism against women candidates. By changing our name to She Should Run, we are putting our focus on addressing these issues and getting dramatically more women to consider entering public life. We are excited to announce this name change and unveil our new look, focus, and innovative work with our partner organizations as we work to address barriers to women’s political equality.”

She Should Run is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to women’s participation in public life and encouraging women’s public leadership. With targeted programs like She Should Run in Action, which provides a tool to formally ask women to consider running for office; Name It. Change It., which works to end sexist media coverage of all women leaders; and action-oriented research like Vote With Your Purse, a nationally acclaimed study that examines trends in women’s political giving and financial power; She Should Run works to erase these major deterrents to women’s advancement. For more information, visit

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